Weather Awareness Guide for Daytona Beach

Protecting your Home

A hurricane’s high winds, storm surges and potential to prompt inland flooding can cause millions in damage. A few steps may help lessen the loss.

Lower radio and television antennas

Set the refrigerator on maximum cold

Fill bathtubs and sinks with water; turn off main water to the house

Store documents in a high place in waterproof containers

Keep swimming pools filled to 12 inches below the edge; add additional chlorine

Insert wedges in sliding patio doors to protect them from blowing into the house

Prune dead or dying tree limbs

Install storm panels, plywood, or shutters over all windows, skylights, doors and open vents

Move furniture away from exposed windows and doors

Stay in a central room or on the downwind side of the house

Move computer away from windows; back up files on disc or separate hard drive

Secure garage and porch doors

Park your vehicle against the garage door and keep the gas tank full

Close all outdoor electrical outlets and cover with duct tape

Anchor or shelter garden tools, awnings, grills and toys

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