Weather Awareness Guide for Daytona Beach

Flood Preparation

Floods are among the most frequent and costly natural disasters, according to the American Red Cross.Conditions that cause floods include heavy or steady rain for several hours or days that saturates the ground.Flash floods occur suddenly due to rapidly rising water along a stream or low-lying area. The organization offers the following tips for coping with flood conditions:

* If flooding is predicted, be prepared to evacuate at a moment’s notice. When a warning is issued for your area, head for higher ground and stay there.

* Stay away from floodwaters. If you come upon a flowing stream where water is above your ankles, stop, turn around and go another way. Six inches of swiftly moving water can sweep you off of your feet.

* If you come upon a flooded road while driving, turn around and go another way. If you are caught on a flooded road and waters are rising
rapidly around you, get out of the car quickly and move to higher ground. Most cars can be swept away by less than two feet of moving water.

* Keep children out of the water.

— Flooding or flash flooding is possible in your area.
FLOOD/FLASH FLOOD WARNING — Flooding or flash flooding is already occurring or will occur soon in your area.

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